Amazing X-Ray FX ² LITE App Reviews

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Of course

You guys are all pathetic writing reviews that its fake, of course it is fake no one could fall for this. x-rays put out a small amount of radiation therefore everyone would be getting cancer!

Bad bad bad do not get

It would be ok if it wasnt a fake.u cant even move it


Its alright but I wish I wasnt a fake So u can move the iPod touch or iphone around

Great for fooling friends

OF COURSE ITS FAKE! IMAGINE HOW UNHEALTHY IT WOULD BE!! THE IPHONE DOESNT HAVE A BUILT IN XRAY!! If you get the hang of it, your friends will beleive you untill they try. Great prank! ;)


Bad and a?..... BAD!!!

Stupidest of all stupids

This thing is garbage! Dont waste memory. It just has built in pictures! The person who made this is so dumb!


This thing is fake! It doesnt let you see your hand or whatever it shows you like a tour of a fake hand


I play it and it scares my lil brother so my mom gets mad at me!!!!!


This is soooo fake it will work on anything, I tried it on my bed for fun and it showed bones.this is unreal


Obviously its fake. You would really download an app that kills you? Having to use x-ray equipment would require medical equipment to prevent radiation from the x-rays entering your skin. If not, you can get diagnosed with skin cancer. The purpose of this app was to fool and trick your friend into believing this PRE-MADE video was a real x-ray examination. I give this app 4 stars for having a great base idea. P.S, to the people who say "fake" or "gay", obviously it is. Have fun rehearsing!

Very dum app!

This app is very fake,crappy and dummmm!


That was a total waste of time..

Is this a joke

Ha ha.

Oh my god

I hold it up to a tv and it shows a hand Just crap

Do you no how to read peaple

It says rate on the description tilt you device to control the X-ray!


Thank you for making this app amazing and it is good to pass time.


Seriously, thats the most waste of time ive ever had. If youre dumb enough to think its your real bones, well obviously its not! If youre bored and want to waste your time well I offer you this awful app... HAVE FUN! See even if I added a star, I didnt mean it at all. The company has to make a choice; 1. Either they close their company 2. Or they upgrade the app so it does a satisfying task of x-raying the body Oh and for the people who want to buy the full version of that app, thats the worst thing you can do to your money... trust me!!!


This is a app that just moves around like an ex ray my tilting the screen its such a fake and is a waste of time

Waste of time

Dont even bother getting it. Crap and total waste of time


Of corse its fake, a REAL X-Ray machine needs nuclear chemicals to see through skin and muscle. So if you complain that its fake and give it one star youre an idiot!

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