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Amazing X-Ray FX ² LITE app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 7378 ratings )
Sports Games Puzzle Simulation
Current version: 2.9.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Mar 2009
App size: 13.31 Mb

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Get amazing X-Ray vision & look through clothes, skin & bone! X-Ray scan your body using just your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad totally for FREE!

You control the X-Ray scanning in real-time. Unlock* and be amazed as you X-Ray vision your SKULL, CHEST, PELVIS, HANDS, KNEES & even FEET in full HD. Even use the light on your iPhone to X-Ray!

Be blown away by what you and your friends never thought possible...


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Pros and cons of Amazing X-Ray FX ² LITE app for iPhone and iPad

Amazing X-Ray FX ² LITE app good for

OF COURSE ITS FAKE! IMAGINE HOW UNHEALTHY IT WOULD BE!! THE IPHONE DOESNT HAVE A BUILT IN XRAY!! If you get the hang of it, your friends will beleive you untill they try. Great prank! ;)
Obviously its fake. You would really download an app that kills you? Having to use x-ray equipment would require medical equipment to prevent radiation from the x-rays entering your skin. If not, you can get diagnosed with skin cancer. The purpose of this app was to fool and trick your friend into believing this PRE-MADE video was a real x-ray examination. I give this app 4 stars for having a great base idea. P.S, to the people who say "fake" or "gay", obviously it is. Have fun rehearsing!
It says rate on the description tilt you device to control the X-ray!
Thank you for making this app amazing and it is good to pass time.
Of corse its fake, a REAL X-Ray machine needs nuclear chemicals to see through skin and muscle. So if you complain that its fake and give it one star youre an idiot!
That is one darn good illusion.... And to all those fuktards who think its stupid and isnt real of of course it isnt how stupid can you be!?!!!?

Some bad moments

You guys are all pathetic writing reviews that its fake, of course it is fake no one could fall for this. x-rays put out a small amount of radiation therefore everyone would be getting cancer!
Its alright but I wish I wasnt a fake So u can move the iPod touch or iphone around
This thing is garbage! Dont waste memory. It just has built in pictures! The person who made this is so dumb!
This thing is fake! It doesnt let you see your hand or whatever it shows you like a tour of a fake hand
I play it and it scares my lil brother so my mom gets mad at me!!!!!
This is soooo fake it will work on anything, I tried it on my bed for fun and it showed bones.this is unreal

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